Every Time Someone Reads This, God Kills A Kitten.

24 Sep

You sick bastard.  You clicked on this even though somewhere, somehow an innocent little cat offspring is meeting his maker at the hands of your mouse?  That’s just heartless.  Maybe your argument is that you don’t believe in God, and since He doesn’t exist in the first place, it’s impossible that He’s taking out a baby feline as you read. Maybe you think the title is sarcastic and nothing will happen, which would be an assumption on your part and we should never make assumptions because only assholes do that.  Or maybe you were just amused at the irony that a cat could be killed by a mouse because let’s face it, that pussy had it coming.  In which case I can’t blame you because that’s exactly what I would do.  Bravo.


I hope you're proud of yourself.




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Posted by on September 24, 2011 in Random Shit


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