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4 Steps To Creating The Perfect Post. Number 4 Is So True!

1. Create a list about a niche that’s exclusive enough to make people feel special if they relate but not so obscure that it applies to only a handful of people.  Bold each point.

’33 Things Only A Dog Owner Will Understand’. = Good
That’s me! I have a dog! This was written for me!!!

’33 Things Only A Finnish Spitz Owner Will Understand.’ = Bad
What the hell is a Finnish Spitz?



2. Think of general traits of your target market that are unique but well known to your audience. Popular hangouts, products, situations, etc.

‘Not having a single pair of pants that isn’t currently covered in hair.’
Omg that’s sooooo true. Those annoying hairy pants.




3. Use gifs. Lots of them. Bonus points for a celebrity saying something kinda sorta remotely related to your point with the words cleverly captioned along the bottom.

This GIF really drives the point home.




4. Choose a number that would never show up in the thumbnail and make it sound AMAZING.

”33 Things Only A Dog Owner Will Understand. 18 is So Hysterical You’ll Pee Your Pants’
Dammit. Now I have to find out what 18 is. Clever and maddening.


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