Matt Walsh – You Are The Problem

05 Jun

On Tuesday, popular journalist Matt Walsh, known for his strong and usually unpopular opinions, posted a blog in response to this story about Ryland Whittington, a 5 year old boy who was born a girl. The story talks about how Ryland declared that he was a boy from the age of 2 and never wavered in his beliefs.  It talks about how Ryland was unhappy living as a girl, constantly talked about how he was waiting for the day he could be himself.  After years of fighting it, followed by consultations with the medical community (including those that specialized in gender fluidity in children), Ryland’s parents decided to honour his wishes and allow him to live as a boy.

Matt Walsh came along and posted this response to the story, claiming the child was not in fact transgender but rather confused.  That this was his parents’ fault for ‘allowing’ the behaviour and that Ryland simply doesn’t have the intelligence to know what gender he should be unless someone tells him.  Honestly, the article is so full of ignorance and discrimination that I hesitated to even link it but I think it’s important that we understand just how prevalent this discrimination is in our world, particularly with people who are hiding under their veil of Christianity as an excuse.

Some excerpts from Matt’s response:

This child didn’t ‘choose’ her gender. She didn’t choose to cut her hair and dress like a boy. Kids that age can only wear what you put on them, sport the haircut you assign them, play with the toys you give them, and mostly believe what you tell them they should believe. Tell them there’s a magical fat man who flies down the chimney to bring them presents every Christmas, and they’ll believe it. Tell them that they get to choose their own gender like it’s an ice cream flavor at Baskin Robbins, and they’ll believe it. Their reality is whatever you construct for them.”

“That’s insane. This girl did not choose to be a boy. She can’t. She also didn’t choose to be a world famous face for the transgender movement. Her parents made that decision. Her parents decided to make her a ‘boy’ and alert the press.

It’s interesting, when you think about it. If a girl declares that she’s a lesbian, progressives would tell us that this identity cannot be modified. It is ingrained in her soul and nothing can ever alter it. Her sexual preference is immutable. Her sex, however? Fluid. Subject to change. And what if she ‘becomes a boy’ and still finds herself attracted to girls? By their standards, she’s just turned herself straight. But isn’t that impossible? So is she still gay? But if she’s still gay then she’s still a woman, which means she’s not a man, which means your sex can’t be changed.”

When Matt garnered over 4000 responses in a day on his Facebook page, many of them irate with him for posting something so uneducated, the right thing to do would be to apologize.  To take a deep breath, evaluate why he was getting the reactions he was, do a lot of self reflection and apologize for being a bigot.  Did Matt do that? Of course not – that wouldn’t get hits!  Instead, Matt got back up on his (very privileged white, cisgendered, straight, male) high horse and posted a follow up:

“To prove my point, this post has provoked more unhinged hatred than anything I’ve written recently.
If I’d written this ten years ago, half of the people upset about it wouldn’t care, or they’d even agree. That’s because the moral and intellectual collapse of our nation is in hyper drive. Most of those who react with such venom because of what I’ve written here are merely following cultural cues. They know they’re supposed to think I’m a bigoted jerk, so they do…

Even if you think that “transgender” exists and sometimes women should live as men or vice versa, any rational person, even people in that ideological camp, ought to understand that toddlers are not nearly old enough to make these kinds of decisions.  Honestly, if we can’t agree on this, then there is little hope we can agree on anything else.  The people who think a two-year-old’s “I’m a boy” declaration should be taken seriously might, really. I feel like saying to America what my parents often said to me as a teenager: “I’m not mad at you. Just disappointed.”

Even if you think that “transgender” exists and sometimes women should live as men or vice versa, any rational person, even people in that ideological camp, ought to understand that toddlers are not nearly old enough to make these kinds of decisions. Honestly, if we can’t agree on this, then there is little hope we can agree on anything else. The people who think a two-year-old’s “I’m a boy” declaration should be taken seriously might as well be living on a different planet. They exist in a reality that is light years removed from anything resembling reality here on Earth.Even if you think that “transgender” exists and sometimes women should live as men or vice versa, any rational person, even people in that ideological camp, ought to understand that toddlers are not nearly old enough to make these kinds of decisions. Honestly, if we can’t agree on this, then there is little hope we can agree on anything else. The people who think a two-year-old’s “I’m a boy” declaration should be taken seriously might as well be living on a different planet. They exist in a reality that is light years removed from anything resembling reality he as well be living on a different planet.  They exist in a reality that is light years removed from anything resembling reality here on Earth…

He goes on to again discount Ryland’s experience and explains that he will not apologize for “reacting in a way that offends popular sensibilities.”

Matt Walsh, it’s pretty clear that you are extremely ignorant to the realities of transgender youth.  Well, actually, the trans* community as a whole since you deny their very existence, but I’ll focus on youth since that was the meat of your post and because I simply don’t have enough time or brain cells to address the entire myriad of issues I have with your very uninformed views.  I recognize that I’m also writing from a place of privilege being white, cisgendered and straight myself and for having children that (so far) present the same way.  The difference between you and me though Matt is my willingness to learn, be humble and follow God’s ACTUAL advice and love everyone for exactly who they are.

For starters, Ryland did indeed first claim “I’m a boy” at the age of two.  It didn’t stop there. Ryland did not claim this once to have his parents jump on a single sentence and make their child into the transgender poster boy.  Ryland never stopped in his adamant insistence that he was a boy and it was only after years of this followed by professional medical consultation that it was realized that it was in Ryland’s best interests to start honouring his wishes. That’s right, Matt, despite your claim that allowing Ryland to exist as a boy is harmful and evidence of the moral and intellectual collapse of our nation, actual researched proof indicates the exact opposite.  Some food for thought:

-The National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that 45% of 18-24 year-old transgender/gender nonconforming people had attempted suicide. There is no group with a higher suicide rate then the transgendered. In a survey, 50% of Transsexuals have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. Many have had multiple attempts from ages as young as 7. In the UK a ten year old transgender child committed suicide. This means that transgender teens are the most vulnerable. (source)
Denying Ryland’s reality means greatly increasing the chances he will try to kill himself. How very Christian.

-Recent research has shown that in carefully selected patients, people who transition young suffer few ill effects, and maintain a higher level of functioning than before transition. Additionally, results of treatment are considered better when it is offered at an earlier age. (Cohen-Kettenis, P T. Dillen, C M. Gooren, L J. (2000) “Treatment of young transsexuals in the Netherlands” Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde 144(15):698-702, 8 April 2000)
Although I think it’s important to note that nowhere on Ryland’s story do I see any evidence that his parents’ are currently pursuing medical transition at this time, nor would most professionals consider it at his age, it’s critical to understand that supporting him early if this is a step he wishes to take actually means reducing the chance of complication.

-Trying to teach a trans child how to be the opposite of how he or she feels is like trying to teach a nontrans child the same. All you are really doing is teaching them how society expects them to behave based on their genitalia, which also comes with a number of ramifications. First and foremost, this track further emphasizes trans gender children’s hatred of their bodies. Telling a child “You are a boy — you have a penis” (or the opposite for a female-to-male child) just reinforces the feelings of discomfort. This “hatred of their body” often leads to eating disorders, self-mutilation and suicide.  And even if you could successfully teach “proper expected behaviors,” you end up sending mixed messages when you attempt to teach your child right from wrong when dealing with peer pressures. How do you successfully teach your child how to be who others expect and also try to teach your child not to be pressured into acting like “all the other kids” when the behavior is wrong? Teaching your child to “be what others expect” is contrary to developing a good sense of conscience and self-esteem. Transgendered children and youth that are supported have the best chance of growing up to be content, productive adults. It is universal that any human being who is allowed to be him or herself, and who is loved and supported, will ultimately do far better in life. On the other hand, transgendered persons that must stay “closeted” due to shame and fear of rejection from loved ones have the strongest likelihood of negative future outcome, which unfortunately can include clinical depression and even suicide. (source)
Again – denying Ryland to be himself means you increase his chances of self-harm. 

 -Most children born gender dysphoric suffer from high levels of social anxiety and attention deficit disorder. When a child needs to spend so much time focusing on “acting in a way that pleases others,” the child finds little energy left to relax and be attentive. (source)

-It is normal for many boys and girls to experiment with different gender behaviours as they are growing up. Many boys may try on girl’s clothing, and many girls may try on boy’s clothing. Children and youth with transgender issues are truly and deeply distressed by their biologic sex on a fundamental level.
Ryland showed this distress over the course of several years and several situations.  This goes far beyond a girl wanting to play in the mud or wear superhero costumes. It’s an identification on a much deeper level. 

-Gender identity is usually formed by age three and is extremely difficult to change after that.  The formation also commonly concludes between the ages of four and six. (Stein MT, Zucker KJ, Dixon SD. December, 1997. “Gender Identity”, The Nurse Practitioner. Vo. 22, No. 12, P. 104)
That’s right – THREE.  The argument that a 5 year old can’t possibly know who he is or how he identifies directly contradicts professional research.


Matt Walsh, it’s posts like yours that are the reason the parents of transgender children don’t feel comfortable supporting their child and the reason why transgender children are so much more likely to consider and attempt self-harm.  You deny the existence of transgender people as whole, despite the fact that transgender individuals have been present for the entire human history.  You are taking your limited, narrow minded existence, transferring it to an entire population of humans and claiming that their reality simply doesn’t exist.  You are indeed fortunate to be living the life you are and identifying as you do – you have virtually never experienced true oppression.  And, quite frankly, Ryland’s story doesn’t affect you.  The Whittingtons shared their experience in support of all children who may not fit into society’s super narrow boxes of expectation, and for that I applaud them.

The world has changed from ten years ago because it had to.  Because it should.  If you had written a similar article about race even fifty years ago, you would’ve gotten a lot of support for it, too.  That doesn’t mean that it’s true or acceptable and it wouldn’t make it okay to write it today.

I desperately hope that one day soon you’ll wake up and realize that you’re speaking out of a place of sheer ignorance, likely to get attention.  I pray that you’ll become enlightened to God’s true teaching of unconditional love and acceptance, instead of trans* erasure.  I want you to do Christians proud and teach your kids how to carry on that legacy.  You have a large readership and thus a large reach – and for once, I’d like to see you using it to promote peace and understanding.  I gather that you’re likely too stubborn to do that kind of reflection, so I won’t hold my breath that one day you’ll be part of the solution.  Until then – Matt Walsh, you are the problem.



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13 responses to “Matt Walsh – You Are The Problem

  1. Tanya

    July 14, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    I for one, love Matt Walsh. He says it like it is.


    • posterella

      July 14, 2014 at 3:55 pm

      Too bad that most of what he is saying is discriminatory and uneducated. I do appreciate a straight shooter, though.


  2. Patrick Buick

    July 14, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    Straight shooters need to have the right target in their sights. From what I see, Matt Walsh is someone who has learned how to hit “hot buttons” and lead people where he wants them to go, perhaps with charisma. That makes him popular with some people, but it by no means indicates that he is capable of the thought and research and empathy required to choose the right target, rather than succumb to “hot buttons” himself. He sounds like a narcissist by his need to always be right, no matter how wrong he is. There are many examples of people following such leaders into very bad situations.


  3. Natal Lie

    July 15, 2014 at 1:22 am

    My, perhaps Matt Walsh would like to study the case of David Reimer who was put into the hands of the despicable Dr John Money who decided to ‘gender reassign’ the poor boy because he had a micropenis. Money considered that gender identity was able to be manipulated in the first few years of life and went the whole way changing David from boy to girl before the age of 2 years old.

    David was obviously, in Matts view ‘TOLD’ this and therefore able to go along with this, no Matt, this wasn’t the case because even though David was given cross-sexual hormone therapy, by the time puberty came along, David Reimer was feeling very different to the planned outcome. He wasn’t feeling like the female that Dr John Money thought he would, but David couldn’t say anything because you see, he didn’t know he had been anything else but a girl, he was too young to have remembered that, he just knew he was so different, how bad is that, and Matt, if you are reading this, that is the kind of experiments that are carried out on gender identity, and when it goes wrong, who suffers the most, not you, no, the person who has the identity issues, and in this case, issues that were imposed on the child by a medic who thought like you do, that gender identity could be manipulated!

    David Reimer continued to suffer because his gender identity wasn’t what he SAW of his body, it wasn’t what he wore ON his body, or the toys he played with, or what society TOLD him, it was what he FELT…….the bipolar view of sex and gender, male and female is so outdated and old fashioned that it sickens me that people still consider it as viable, apart from people like Matt Walsh who somehow appear to slip through the net.

    David Reimer eventually ended his own life in 2004, God Bless him.

    I suggest Matt, if you have anything else to say about gender identity, transsexualism, then maybe you should do a whole lot more research before you do because you have not got a clue about what you are talking about, about the pain and suffering that people go through the introspection, the effort, the suicide attempts, the ridicule, the rejection, before eventually the chrysalis evolves into the beautiful butterfly of the transgender person that walks passed you every day, talks to you, smiles at you, and maybe even sits next to you on the train, the bus if you take public transport.

    Take a look at yourself in the mirror Matt, we are all different to you, now ain’t that a surprise?


  4. Michelle

    July 15, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    Hi Posterella. Would you be interested in sharing this blog post with the readers of Huffington Post Alberta? If so, please contact us at alberta[at]huffingtonpost[dot]com. Thank you.


  5. Sophia Perry

    August 18, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    Ah yes! This is the article that I first found Matt Walsh through. One of my friends liked the article, which made it show up on my feed. For some reason, I decided to read it, and I was so angry, I had to look through red to read it all the way. He is not only dismissive of the trans community but of children in general and I feel so sorry for his children. I formulated the opinion then and there that he was a talking, blogging trash can, and so far, he hasn’t proven me wrong. Sorry, but if you’re gonna act like a talking trash can I’m gonna treat you like one!


  6. Hannah in Iceland

    August 18, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    This issue is not something I understand. It is frustrating to me to try and put myself in the shoes of trans-people because they are experiencing things that are very foreign to me. However, I think it’s really important to recognize EVERYONE’s lived experiences, to listen until we understand, and as you so accurately said, to LOVE. Of all the evil things Matt Walsh says, I think the thing that is most against God is to claim that he speaking for God, that he is saying things that Jesus would. I always had trouble understanding the parts of the Psalms where we are supposed to be comforted knowing that God punishes evil….until I started learning about people like this….that twist the very words of God into tools of hate. Thank you for taking the time to correct his errors and spread a message of understanding and love.


  7. treena

    August 21, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Beautifully said! And thank you for citing references …severely lacking with so many claims of ‘fact’.

    I just (barely) managed to read Matt’s post…and every. single. comment. There were a lot of them. I was disheartened and sickened at times by some of the attitudes and by the dismissal of transgender people.
    But the good news is there were also a LOT of open-minded, enlightened and compassionate souls. As you said, quite a bit more allies than there would have been years ago.

    This encourages me…and with new generations I can only hope people will continue to advocate for each other and see each other as people. Not a series of anatomical parts.


  8. sara

    January 5, 2015 at 12:14 am

    My niece was more or less abandoned by her own mother. She was left to be brought up by her grandmother. There were 2 reasons for this happening. One reason is that the childs mother is a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath who believed that if she placed the child into the ageing grandmothers’ rather large house,then this house would be left to the child in the grandmothers’ Will. The second reason being that the child could not be loved by her own mother because of the childs’ birth gender.
    The narc/sociopath mother maintained minimal contact with her daughter but consistently belittled the child by telling her that she was a “tomboy” and degrading her appearance and her choice of clothes,(the girl dressed similar to other girls her own age).
    By the time the child reached the age of around 13 yrs, she was suffering from low self esteem, depression and became very withdrawn, apart from keeping contact with myself and my own child. During her visits with me, she was relaxed and came out of her shell. She would often tell me how she felt that her own mother did not love or care about her and how she felt that her mothers’ boyfriends received more love and attention than she herself had ever had from her mum.
    Over the years between the ages of 13 to 16/17, my niece told me, (and I quote), “the only way i’ll ever get any love or affection from my mum is if i become a man”.
    When my niece was about 18 yrs of age, the grandmother died of a “sudden heart attack” only a few hours after she had been forced by her narc/sociopath daughter to draft up a Will which stated that her house was to be left to the child and the childs’ mother. The grandmother died BEFORE the Will was signed, which meant that the child was now homeless unless she went to live with her narc/sociopath mother.
    Within one year of moving in with her mother, the girl was sent to London to have “cosmetic” breast reduction surgery done privately. She then began to talk about names which her mother liked, such as Jack, Vince, and a couple of other boys names which i can’t recall. The next thing was that she was telling me (and i quote),”just to let you know that i’ve to be known as Jack from now on”.
    After declaring her change of name and the fact that she had already had most of her breast tissue removed, the next step seemed to be for her to ask for testosterone injections.
    She/he has since had all the other ops which have now given her the gender of being “male”.
    She/he is in full denial of her mothers’ abusive and negligent upbringing of her, and although is now 31 yrs of age, she/he still lives at home with the narc/sociopath mother and has become almost like a “partner” to the mother.
    I would like to say that i do believe that some children are perhaps born in the wrong gender, but in the case of my niece , and with all the knowledge i have about how she was manipulated and controlled by her own mother into feeling desperate to receive parental love and acceptance, my niece has been mutilated and brainwashed into believing that her gender should be “male”.


    • Natal Lie

      January 12, 2015 at 4:11 am

      This is not a case of transsexualism, not gender dysphoria, more a case of manipulation and bending of the mind to suit the mothers will. It is also a case of misplaced loyalty for a mother who did not and should not deserve it. That is very sad, and does not reflect nor resemble what Matt Walsh has had to talk about.

      Your poor niece is simply a victim and it is almost unbelievable what one human being will do to another and what the consequences of mind bending can achieve when done in the name of twisted love 😦



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